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About Us & Our Mission
At Energy Harmony, Louis and Rick unite with a shared mission: to usher individuals into a space of purified energy and harmonious living. Drawing from their combined expertise and insights, they offer guidance to those seeking to cleanse disruptive energies and align with a life of balance and positivity. Dive into a transformative journey with Energy Harmony, and let Louis and Rick be your compass towards a more serene and harmonious existence.
Meet Our Team
  • Louis Soma
    Louis is a dancer, martial artist, and teacher by trade. His background in dance and martial arts is long and with an impressive pedigree. What makes Louis best suited to energy work is his experience with dance, with Tang Soo Do, and as a teacher. His understanding of energy as it relates to the individual and the room comes from 50 years of being in places where he must be aware of how a room feels and how the objects and people in that room relate to each other.

    The body has a natural energy, Louis helps individuals understand this energy and affect it positively by first being aware of it and then being aware of consciously impacting its direction and flow. The major focus of Louis’ training with clients is helping them releasing the negative energy built up and held onto.

    What is most significant about Louis’ approach to this work is his dedication to teaching his clients how to eventually achieve the same freedom and awareness without his guidance. Helping others have a healthier life, free from pain and frustration, is his ultimate goal. But like dance, martial arts, and teaching, it takes time and practice. Within these same disciplines, what anyone would want is a patient and experienced mentor. Louis, drawing upon the best mentorships from each of these disciplines, has created a consistent and effective methodology for imparting this wisdom upon those willing to travel down a new path.

    Louis is looking forward to working with you soon!
  • Rick Sundeen
    Rick Sundeen came to energy work through an unexpected path. His career has focused on contracting, physical labor, and property investment for the last 35 years. Although this has been his area of expertise, energy work has always tugged at him and shown up in unexpected ways. From his early teens into his adult life, Rick came to understand that many of the struggles he faced in relationships with others and between him and his environment could be solved and healed through his understanding of energy in the world.

    Rick struggled with killing people with kindness. This resulted in relationships that took advantage of his generosity and sapped him of life and certain opportunities. It was his strong desire to understand both why this was and how it was he could change these patterns with people in his life that brought him to energy work. The biggest lesson he learned was that he really didn’t need to know "why" something happened, for him to let it go, clear it from his body, and move forward in life. He discovered that virtue, while noble and good, sometimes isn’t enough and that there are other actions we can take despite the misaligned energies in our lives, to live more fully and at greater peace.

    Rick, like Louis, is a long-time practitioner of martial arts. He has studied several systems and achieved high ranks in Karate and Tae Kwon Do, but when he met Louis, he chose to start all over again in a new system to him but as old as the others, Tang Soo Do, which Louis taught regularly. It was this early relationship that blossomed into the 15 year old friendship, and now partnership in energy work and in martial arts, that Rick and Louis share today. After many long discussions and years of working together, Rick came to understand that the techniques and processes that Louis has learned and developed, Rick had also discovered in his own practice for himself organically.

    Far more accustomed to just getting the work done, as any good contractor does, Rick is certainly talented at helping people clear spaces and themselves with ease. But his talents extend further than the work itself! Rick is also an accomplished teacher, and excited to offer these techniques to others to use on their own as much as they would with his help.

    When asked “who is the client you are looking to work with?” Rick’s answer is that he wants to help the person ready to be helped.
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