At Energy Harmony, we're dedicated to guiding you toward a balanced and rejuvenated life through our tailored energy clearing services. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a range of pricing options to suit every budget. Whether you're seeking a simple energy realignment or an in-depth purification, we have the perfect solution to fit your requirements without stretching your finances. With Energy Harmony, you'll find both healing and affordability hand in hand.

There are many disciplines for energy practice that have been developed thru many individuals' experiences and perspectives.

There is a basic truth that runs thru all systems and practices. Very simply put, it all centers around love and thankfulness. Everyone can develop a personal practice of releasing old habits and stuck energy. Personal and group sessions are centered around teaching and developing these skills.

Session #1: introduction to clearing.

Session #2: applications and practice


You may look for a spiritual mentor to get ongoing support on your path.

Perhaps you feel lost or stuck or you find yourself at a significant turning point in your life. You may need someone to be on your team - someone to serve as your personal growth partner.

$200 per session or contact for a package price.


Group sessions can be conducted in homes or in other spaces that can accommodate the group size.

The rate for group sessions is $200 per person per session.

If you would like to set up your own group with at least 10 people attending, your session will be free.


This fee covers structures up to 3000 square feet, and a travel radius up to 25 miles.

Larger structures or greater travel distance will require assessments for each location and additional fee.

A typical Space Clearing may vary in length of time spent. Specific areas and components may have different concentrations of experiences and therefore vary in the attention needed and time required.

The session will begin with a remote assessment and clearing spending time focusing on your space prior to arrival. For our on-site visit, we prefer to have access to all available areas. Additionally, any input you may have regarding these spaces is welcomed in the process. We may also do some follow-up inquiries as to your experiences post-visit.

In certain situations, a remote clearing without an on-site visit is sufficient for the customer. However, on-site visits give us the chance to interact with you and to answer questions as well as getting to know you and your space more intimately.

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